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Investing in Snarkfrastructure

Snarkmarket has new guts and a new look! Let us know if you see anything funky or buggy. There are still plenty of rough edges, but we figure we can just smooth ’em out in-flight.

Huge thanks to Matt for a new look that’s totally fresh but also faithful to the Snarkmarket gestalt. You’ll notice that it’s more open and, we hope, more readable.

Update: Is it really impossible to make a blog back-end transition without spewing a strange core-sample of posts out into Google Reader? Argh! Deepest apologies, Google Reader subscribers. With any luck the Snarkmarket feed will look normal again… soon…?


This is a test comment! Wow, haven’t done test comments since like 2003.

And guess what? It’s the day Snarkmarket’s been waiting for … THREADED COMMENTS.

This is going to be legen – wait for it …

– dary.

I definitely enjoy the more open look; it feels more portal-ish now. Nice work.

Wow, looks really nice guys! Is the “commented on x times” the only way to get to the comments? It’s a bit of a small target; maybe at least make the whole phrase the link?

Robin Sloan says…

Yeah, good point on the smallish comment display, Peter, esp since comments are so important to SMKT. Question — what about those “comment previews” we had in the old design? Mostly just useful as a big “flag” to indicate when there was a comment? More useful than that?

I really liked the old comment previews, as both a flag and a teaser.

Any way to bring them back within this new design (which I quite like)?

Dan says…

I’m with Andrew: I lived by the comment teases.

Of course, I’m still broken up over getting rid of the Times-font image headlines in ’99 (?).

The people have spoken. We’ll see if we can find a way to invent something similar that works for this design.

Dan says…

Yes! I’ve always wanted to be “the people.”

Love the look, which is a good thing because I’ll be reading posts in it rather than Readability. It worked for the old design, but doesn’t with this one, sadly.

Robin Sloan says…

Oh no! Any idea what we can do to make it Readability-compatible? Is there a FAQ for blog developers/designers anywhere?

Jake says…

Very nice… leaky rocketship, huh? So that’s why I’m feeling lightheaded. You guys brought the spare O2 tank, right?
Also, the RSS just disgorged the last 10 posts.

A coworker points out the title may be a little hard for new visitors to read.

Robin Sloan says…

(On my personal to-do as I click around the site: Make comments more prominent [again]. It’s too hard to tell “where the action is” conversation-wise.)

Oooohh … shiny. Like.

I ecspecially dig the meta info to the right of each post. It’s like an old hanging shop sign. Nice work.

Not that know of (glanced quickly through the Readability page and arc90’s main site), but users can report pages that don’t work with it on their Google Code page:

One item, the commenter name (e.g. guy says:) on the post page is cut off. Ok nuf’ from me, I’ve reached my three comment maximum.

Just kidding: it looks like it’s only the two most recent posts that don’t mesh with Readability. Older posts seem to work fine.

AAAAAA! You have just broken my brain!

I actually shrieked out loud.

But it’s very nice, it’s just like the time I came home and started eating dinner and looked up and realized my mom and sister had both gotten short hair cuts after my lifetime of long hair.

–you lost the unicorn post somehow
–the bottom row of pixels of the commenter’s name and the says

Matt Saler says

is missing in Firefox.

Robin Sloan says…

(The unicorn post?)

Betty Ann says…

Will there be a memorial service for the Snark Snake? Or, perhaps there is a “gold coin” somewhere on the site?

Love the readability and freshness!

The Snark Snake returns!

But now everybody’s gotta get gravatars.

Robin Sloan says…

Oh my god. Now I’m in the same camp as Saheli. My brain just exploded!

So awesome.

Oh good, I didn’t want to complain about that, But I missed the snake!

Matt Penniman says…

Ah yes, the unicorn post! It was a brief post from Tim, I think titled “The Mother of Invention”, about the use of the word unicorn by the Septuagint translators to mean “a horned animal that is crucially not a cow.”

Perhaps he posted it after the master backup for site transfer was made?

By the way, has anyone noticed the author pages? Those are also new.

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