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Taking It to the Streets

New Kickstarter update in which I visit a local printer and am simultaneously disappointed and emboldened.

(Nerd question: In an upcase headline, you’d leave “to” lowercase, as I did, right? Or no? I always hem and haw.)

September 10, 2009 / Uncategorized


sweetie says…

Lower : )

First time I’m reading about your project. Could you link to your short stories?

I think it’s interesting that it’s an equal split of pledges at the $19 & $39 levels.

I’d leave it lowercase. Not sure why, or what rule that follows, but it feels right.

General rule for “title case” is that prepositions and articles are lowercase. This covers both “to” and “the.” But there’s no perfect agreement on this one, especially when graphics are considered.

The rule I recall is that prepositions with four or more letters should be capitalized: to, From, for, Around, Through, at, Against.

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