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More Hud Mo

Hudson Mohawke remixes Tweet’s “Oops (Oh My)”—and wow, whatever happened to Tweet? Her time has come, and she’s nowhere to be found!

Previously. Here’s his album. Via TMRW.

One comment

I love this. I had a genuine love affair with this song back in 2002, when it made its first appearance. I remember running into my roommate’s room in college, playing her the video, and saying, “Look! Look what’s happened!” It was a hip-hop video! Where the women get all the satisfaction! Lesbian undertones! There’s a subtle subplot about the frustration of the male gaze! No Ja Rule cameo in sight!

It was a breakthrough moment.

Then came the radio edit, with Fabolous delivering one of the ugliest, laziest, sleaziest guest raps I’d ever heard on such a commercial track. It felt like a betrayal.

But it’s been a long time. I’m ready to love this song again. Thanks.

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