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Titles Through Time


Oh lord. That new design blog idsgn is doing the Serpentor thing where they cross-breed bloggable memes into unstoppable super-posts.

Here they’re filtering Christian Annyas’s film title collection to present a crisp snapshot of film titles over time.

QUESTION: The idsgn post includes a frame from the title sequence for SE7EN, and this page says the sequence “changed the way we look and think about title design today and is arguably the most imitated main title ever made.”

What was so special about it? Was it the layering of imagery? The jittery motion? (I realize this is probably one of those situations where the aesthetic innovation has now diffused so fully that I simply can’t see it. But I wanna know what I should be looking for.)

(Via BA.)


I was going to post about this too, but I was going to register some disappointment.

1) First, there were plenty of animated titles in the silent period. Metropolis is probably the most noteworthy example (look to the end of the clip).

2) Why nothing from the aughts and teens? That’s when titles were a) really important and b) steadily evolving to create a semi-standard language (just like everything else in cinema).

3) Ditto, Hollywood titles only tell you so much. Different national cinemas = diff conventions.

I know they’re dealing with what’s in the Annyas archive, but still! Maybe I’m touchy b/c this has actually been a big part of what I do, but there’s totally an incomplete picture.

(If I can dig up enough good titles for a post, I’ll do it and give it a proper rejoinder.)

Disappointment seems fair, even to my much-less-trained eyes; it’s more of a grab-bag than any kind of real survey.

I would LOVE to see an international comparison, in particular.

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