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Albert and Kurt


Albert and Kurt, via Nerdboyfriend.

This is my preferred vision of the all-knowing creator figure. He must a) have hair like that, and b) wear a nice unassuming blue sweatshirt.

SERIOUS QUESTION: Would this have been a fun conversation to be in? Like, reflected glow of fame aside, were these guys actually enjoyable to talk to? Any anecdotes or insights?


I’ve read a lot about G

This from Rebecca Goldstein’s book on G

What a great passage. That’s really lovely actually.

Completely unrelated, I recognize that field. I am 90% certain that the street behind them is Olden Lane. I also got the impression from Isaacson’s biography (highly recommended!) that Einstein was quite charming.

Oh, and my favorite most likely apocryphal story I heard while growing up in Princeton was that Einstein loved walking down around town with one foot on the road and the other on the sidewalk. Just imagine that man lurching forward like a teeter-totter feels me with glee.

I can’t do it justice since I heard it second-hand from Jack Cowan, but the story of Einstein and von Neumann[probably?] shepherding the increasingly weirder G

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