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The New Looks

Just some links to things that are visually stunning:

Jillian Tamaki: How to smuggle a dirty bomb.

Yuhiko Tajima’s illustrations from 1976. Look at the use of black. And look at the top figure; it’s everything Dragonball has ever wanted to be.

AA Models. Geometric architectural and geological forms. Pretty much totally unbelievable.

Composite Squiggles (link to embedded Processing applet). Wonderful color.

Anaelle by Stefan Gruber (link to embedded Quicktime movie). C-H-A-R-M-E-D.

Collage by Able Parris. “The beginning involves applying.” (Also, is Able Parris totally a name out of a novel, or what?)

And now, the big finish… Shane Hope. His big colorful freak-out giant-sized prints are “[r]endered and built with customized versions of user-sponsored open-source molecular visualization systems.” Love that. Science visualization software co-opted for goofy, rainbow-colored fun. Full details here.

His Compile-a-Child drawing are fun, too (example), but they hit you in the head—whereas the big, colorful stuff hits you in the eyes.

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