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The Completely Understandable Spectacle of the Haul Video

Here’s a new Viral Video Film School about haul videos, which you probably didn’t even know existed. It’s hilarious.

My first reaction to this (besides laughter) was: “Oh man, people are strange. I do not understand this at all. The internet is a machine for showing you how weird and unlike you other people are.”

Which is, you know, a common reaction to a lot of things on the internet. But then I thought better of it, and tried to exercise a bit of empathy. And you know what? I’m thinking of the crisp joy of setting a big, boxy bag (the kind that stands up on its own) down on your apartment floor. I’m remembering the “fashion shows” we’d do as kids, trying on new outfits in succession as soon as we got home from the mall to show them off to our dad. I’m pondering the “I win at life” delight of snagging something awesome on super-deep discount.

And it makes perfect sense. Whew. Curmudgeonly moment avoided. Oneness of humanity affirmed.

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That’s some funny stuff! Tried to add the VVFS RSS to Boxee, but didn’t work very well. Is current going to get more channels on Boxee natively?

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