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Feral Houses of Detroit

Whoah whoah whoah. Why was I not informed that wizards and witches have taken over Detroit? (Seriously, some of those shacks are just depressing, but this one? Or this one? I’ll take it!)

(Via @jamieg.)

August 5, 2009 / Uncategorized


The SF geek in me wonders if the houses act as miniature oases of warmth (b/c built areas tend to be slightly warmer) and water (b/c the property-side pipes are probably leaking; the fantasy geek in me wonders if the trees are being fed by the cast off dreams left behind to find some other use.

“WOW, these apples are amazing. So crisp and juicy. What’s in the soil here?”

“Oh, the broken hopes of seven generations.”

“Ah. Well.” [crrrunch]

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