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The Most Brilliant Apps (Not Just the Best-Selling)

Question: Do you know of any blogs, or other sources, that do a good job tracking brilliant ideas in iPhone app design? Stuff like that great subway-finding app but not so widely linked; stuff that’s less whoahhh and more ooh, nice, perhaps. (That link is to Daring Fireball, and yes, I know that’s a good source; but I want something that goes deeper on actual iPhone app design and ideas.) I feel like there ought to be a dozen iPhone nichepapers out there. What are they?

July 29, 2009 / Uncategorized


I agree that there is a dearth of useful and carefully curated iphone resources as opposed to news/rumour spigots at the moment.

I have been planning for a few week to do a bit to change that and will hopefully start posting bi-weekly? later in August my own micro-nichepaper iphone John Gruber/Alain de Botton lovechild mashup. Interested? I will be sure to let you know when i actually have real content content up!

In the mean time i would suggest you subscribe to the fusion ad network blogs – which are generally excellent for mac/iphone things

p.s 3 great iphone apps you may or may not have seen but are worth checking out – cocktails+, deep green, the typography manual

Alasdair — awesome! Thanks for the tips, and do let me know when you start the new blog. Sounds great.

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