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'Maybe Media Won't Be a Job At All'

Aha! Chris Anderson is in sync with Matt Penniman here at Snarkmarket: In the future, fun work could mean free work. Specifically, he says:

In the past, the media was a full-time job. But maybe the media is going to be a part-time job. Maybe media won’t be a job at all, but will instead be a hobby.

Backing up, I love how Anderson comes into this Spiegel interview with guns-ablazing:

SPIEGEL: Mr. Anderson, let’s talk about the future of journalism.

Anderson: This is going to be a very annoying interview. I don’t use the word journalism.

SPIEGEL: Okay, how about newspapers? They are in deep trouble both in the United States and worldwide.

Anderson: Sorry, I don’t use the word media. I don’t use the word news. I don’t think that those words mean anything anymore. They defined publishing in the 20th century. Today, they are a barrier. They are standing in our way, like a horseless carriage.

SPIEGEL: Which other words would you use?

Anderson: There are no other words.

Awesome! (Update: Apparently I am the only one who thought this was awesome. That’s OK.)

There’s a great comment thread growing out of Matt’s fun-is-free post—it’s worth checking in.

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Robin swears that if I go read this interview, Chris Anderson is going to talk about some interesting things. But I have to say, from the blockquote above, the only illumination I got from Anderson is that he’s a dick in an interview.

What Andrew said.

They don’t use words at all at Wired anymore. It’s all legos.

And, um, yeah.

Brandon says…

Sort of reminds me of this.

Apparently not everyone was as tickled by Anderson’s linguistic stubbornness as I was. 🙂

I’m being Snarky, but I kinda liked it, too. You also pick up that the interviewer can’t quite tell whether to be tickled or exasperated.

Really, I’m just upset that I got scooped on a Der Spiegel story. That’s usually my beat! 😉

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