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You're Gonna Need New Drivers for That Font

Oh get out of town.

The letter-forms for a new typeface, traced out by a plucky little Toyota curling and careening below a camera. Just watch the videos.

And now you can even download the font arghhh every nerd neuron is firing at once!

July 20, 2009 / Uncategorized


You know what Snarkmarket doesn’t get enough credit for? Our post titles. Come on. Give it up for Robin. That is a gem.

This is even more true when you realize that 1) the only Google searches this post will generate will be for “font drivers.” We’re willfully shooting ourselves in the foot, traffic-wise, for art! Just to make you chuckle!

A funny post title is like a good freeze-frame gag on The Simpsons. They can take forever to come up with, and in the end, maybe ten people will notice.

Ha hahaha. I actually laughed at my own headline for this one. Chuckles of self-satisfaction, etc.

Interesting difference between Snarkmarket the web site and Snarkmarket the RSS feed, here. On the site, esp for briefly noted posts, the headline really is a second-order element—small and subtle. An aside. But reading it all in Google Reader, the presentation sorta gets flattened out, and the headline is the first-order element for every post, briefly noted or not.

On that count, I prefer the site; it’s fun to have those tools to play with.

Thomas says…

Perfect hed.

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