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The Anti-Ffffound

I love cultural arbitrage: taking words, images, ideas from one place on earth (or time in history) and importing them into a new context where they’re suddenly fresh and striking again.

This is, of course, common practice, so just like financial arbitrage, it takes a lot of work to stay ahead of the pack. And systems like Ffffound and Tumblr have become great levelers: They’re like financial markets, automatically “pricing in” new information about what’s cool. Oh, you like that retro-chromatic look? We got a hundred a’ those.

So usually, when you find a good source you keep it secret. But I’ll share this one, via Paul Pope. It’s a collection of super-weird book illustrations. I mean seriously, what is this stuff? It defies genre. And yet, much of it would look good on an Urban Outfitters tee.

And actually, come to think of it… Joan Kiddell-Monroe has a bit of Paul Pope in her. Or, maybe it’s the other way around.

See also: Slovenian event posters.

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Betty Ann says…

Whoa, what a juicy treat. Of course you jumped to If not be careful. I experienced disorientation due to delirium to intoxication.

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