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The Future Is All Filters

I made my Iran dashboard because I needed a better filter for Iran news. But filters aren’t just for just for tracking global tumult; people need them on all levels. For example: My sister, an ultra-busy grad student and dancer, doesn’t really have time to read Snarkmarket.

The solution?

The best of Snarkmarket, filtered by my mom. (She has a tumblr, too.)

No you cannot unsubscribe from this feed and sign up for that one. I’m going to know if you do. We have analytics for these things.


i bet The Best of Snarkmarket is just “Everything by Robin, those other boys aren’t as good as my little guy is.”

Almost. Not quite. Let’s just say that if MY mom were curating it, there might be a post or two from me in there. (Of course, Robin does have his finger on the pulse of midwestern moms everywhere, so maybe not.)

It’s the blockquotes, Tim. It’s the blockquotes 😉

Betty Ann says…

So snarky. But, in the pursuit of fairness please see the recent “From The Snarkives” posts on

Less teasing now – one of the things I love about yr Iran site (and Matt’s Money Meltdown) is the sense that filters can pop up in a moment to try to make sense of a sudden spike in disaggregated information and intensity of interest. These kind of flash filters are different from Betty Ann’s site, a Google Alert, or (most of the time) a Pipes feed – a long-term curation.

What are other examples? We need an ethnography of filters!

flashfilter! yes! what Tim said.

I feel like their should be a shadowy underground association of the lurking mothers everywhere who curate their children’s blogs.

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