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The New Physical Electronica

I have decided that if you are a band with guitars, bass, drums and nothing else, I have no time for you.

But that doesn’t mean you have to use a laptop.

In their project Rhythm 1001, the group Invisible jams on plastic cups, typewriters, chairs, robo-tambourines, weird things with pegs, voice-mail tapes:

I love the fact that it’s simultaneously so electronic — a whole crazy spaghetti network of servos and controllers — and so not electronic. No MIDI score here; it’s all human performers.

Oh yeah and I also love the fact that it’s so beautiful.

(Via Peter Kirn.)

Also: Check out the terrific one-man band Boy Eats Drum Machine. Laptop, sampler, drum machine, snare drum… and a big honkin’ saxophone.

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