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May 35

James Fallows reports on the vibe in China today:

CNN is still blacked out whenever words like “In China today….” or “Twenty years ago in Bei….” come across the airwaves. Whereas BBC TV is airing uncensored footage of tanks in the square twenty years ago and repeatedly using the phrase “Tiananmen massacre.” And just as I type, the admirable Quentin Somerville of the BBC is talking, live from Beijing, about the “ruthlessness at the heart of the Communist government.” (And just this second, in a Borges-worthy moment, Somerville said that international coverage was being blacked out across China — so I got to see him saying that I was not able to see him. Still, the general point is true.)

And Nick Kristof mentions:

China has blocked the use of “June 4” in Internet postings. So people are referring to the crackdown on “May 35.”

Does that sound like Orwell or what? “…and the clocks were striking thirteen.”

Finally, Gavin points to the NYT Lens blog’s post on the story behind the Tank Man photos.

And check. this. out: a new view of the man, and the tanks, never before seen. Wow.

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