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Two Houses, Both Alike in Awesomeness

Nav over at Scrawled in Wax just blew my mind, twice:

  1. 17-year-old beatboxer Julia Dales. Whaaaaaa?
  2. Merey Mathay by Kiran Ahluwalia. Sure, I love Hudson Mohawke; sure, Passion Pit sounds great. But I’m pretty sure when we ascend, Bill-and-Ted-like, to join the Intergalactic Orchestra, the music there is going to sound like Kiran’s.
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Betty Ann says…

Merey Mathay (english lyrics)

The lines on my forehead seem to predict

that we are not destined to be together.

Beloved, don

Delayed response but I was just chatting to my mum about this, who is a native Punjabi speaker, and for some reason it was only then it struck me that, as Betty Ann has implied, such a happy song has such mournful lyrics.

The neat thing about Ahluwalia though is that she often does a sort of ‘hidden fusion’ where the significance of what she’s doing requires one to be equally fluent in ‘both’ cultures – i.e. that the ‘meaning’ or whatever can be found in the slippage or gaps between perspectives. It’s neat and, once I get this whole Punjabi language thing down, I hope to return to.

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