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Lucky Four-Eyes

I don’t wear glasses, but have always wished I did. Once, in college, I was getting a lot of headaches, and I realized it: This was my chance! So I went to the eye doctor, basically begging for glasses. His response: “Um. Your eyes are fine. I mean, I guess I could prescribe the closest thing to plain glass that is not in fact plain glass.”

So he did, and I got my glasses — which I never wore, because come on, who can remember to wear glasses when you don’t actually have to? I still have them; they sit, dusty, at the bottom of a drawer.

All of this is to say that a) I like glasses a lot, and b) if you’re looking for non-hipster glasses options, maybe you should peruse this wonderful post over at A Continuous Lean. I hope to make use of it in 10-20 years, after decades of blogging have finally pulled my eyes out of focus.

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See, I was thinking about just this the other day — I couldn’t think of more than THREE people I knew with 20/20 vision. Put out a Twitter query and grabbed three more. Now must add Robin to the list.

I too always wanted glasses. I even found some old frames of my sister’s and used to wear them around, glassless. One of those girls who always preferred Clarke. . .My mother was always slightly exasperated with this, and when I finally did need a very weak prescription, I think she was slightly suspicious I was faking. The strange thing is, my prescription changes back and forth–sometimes perfect, sometimes near sighted, sometimes farsighted. It can be frustrating to not have the habit of wearing them–half way through a head ache I’ll be like–oh yeah, I have something to fix this.

Though I work in a visual medium, I’m basically unable to see without my glasses. Plus my eyesight is continuously deteriorating (need a refresh on my prescription sometime soon, in fact). It can be a bit frustrating at times.

Still, my nearsightedness can be sort of useful when lighting a show… when I’ve been staring at a particular scene onstage for too long, I’ll just take off my glasses. If my eyes are still drawn to the appropriate fuzzy bit of color, I know that the focus of my light cue is working.

Heh, I definitely used to try to game the eye (and ear!) exams in the nurses office. What a sad plea for attention. I remember even being taken to the eye doctor, who basically tricked me into admitting that I could see quite perfectly. My mother was less than thrilled.

If it’s any consolation, Robin & Saheli, you two have the personality of people who would wear great glasses if it were not for your wonderful eyesight.

As for me, I was the opposite, when I received my first pair of glasses at 14, I never wore them, thus making my eyesight worse. By the time I graduated from high school, my eyesight was worse than my mother’s and I’ve been stuck with cokebottles ever since.

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