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The Transit of the Atlantis

The full image of the transit of the Atlantic across the face of the sun is terrific; a lot of people are posting the cropped image and it doesn’t do it justice at all. The full disc of the sun is what makes it seem really iconic, even mythic, to me. I saw somebody write that it looked like modern art; like a giant Gerhard Richter painting.

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I was actually going to post the image over at Counterfictionals.

Replace Atlantis and Hubble with the Enterprise and a space dock, and THIS is what Star Trek should be.

Why choose to build the Enterprise on Earth when you could have Kirk looking through 23rd century binoculars from the fields of Iowa and see something like this?

Oops… I was actually referencing this image and it’s corresponding crop.

The profile view of the shuttle that you link to is also awe inspiring.

Cue Yeats: “And walk among long dappled grass, / And pluck till time and times are done, / The silver apples of the moon, / The golden apples of the sun.”

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