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This Presidential NatSec Briefing Brought to You by 123Publish

To me, the thing that’s striking about these national security briefings isn’t the hokey combo of Bible verses and combat pics, it’s the amateurish design. Something tells me whoever creates Obama’s briefing papers has to consult a 133-page stylebook.

May 18, 2009 / Uncategorized


It’s not just the creepy briefings that are badly designed! You shoulda see the presentation a general gave at the Web 2.0 conference last year. Cool content — all about how the military uses tech (and some of the special challenges it faces) — but oh man. Almost like a crazy hieroglyphic language all its own, all clip art and crazy colored arrows.

This reminds me of – “what Steve and I would call good design would be seen by Rove and Bush and Cheney as liberal design”.

Nice link, BG — “If those people love austere good design, then, damn it, this regime will use drop shadow.”

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