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Curtis Roads, Aaron McLeran, and the Future of Music

Curtis Roads is one of the pioneers of computer music, and he’s not done pioneering yet. He calls the current era of electronic music its “golden age,” because sound is more plastic than ever before:

Electronic music extends the domain of composition from a closed, homogenous set of notes … to an open universe of heterogeneous sound objects … All of a sudden, we’re working with any sound possible. And that really changes the game.

Early case in point: Friend-of-Snark Aaron McLeran, who wrote the score for EPIC 2014 back in the day and now works with Roads at UCSB, has been investigating a new kind of synthesis that gives you more flexible, high-fidelity control over sound samples than ever before. Here’s an explanation and example. (Be sure to play the sample files.) Check out some of Aaron’s other work, too — it’s like the online lab of a mad audio scientist!

Update: Aaron has a new blog — Digital Poesis.

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Aaron says…

Haha.. Robin, you didn’t say you were posting about me!

My site is terribly out-dated. I just made a new blog:

I’m going to be slowly reposting content from my static page to this word-press-powered site.

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