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Gina Trapani hits on what might turn out to be Twitter’s killer feature:

When you post a question on Twitter and get a dozen replies within the next 10 minutes from actual humans


1. Here’s something that should become part of Twitter culture: propagating those questions outwards. Let’s say Tim asks “what’s the best breed of wombat?” and I don’t know. I RT (RQ?) it to my crew: “RQ @tcarmody: what’s the best breed of wombat?” — thus questions pulse outwards until they find answers. Cool.

2. Tim, what do you want? I’ll make it. 🙂

I’m infamous for asking long-winded two-part questions (sorry, Matt! It’s a bad habit, I know!), and thus I loved using my dormant blog for this sort of thing—I felt like MY crowd was nicely assembled on it, and there was plenty of room for them to discuss. It was the closest I ever came to living out my dream of being a modern day Madame Condorcet. Twitter enforces brevity and thus makes passing it forward more likely–but it also cuts off depth.

You can always post more than one tweet, Saheli. 🙂

This is what I want — a whole marketplace of Twitter extensions that AUTOMATES the export/management of Twitter content. I want a service that prints all my favorite tweets out on postcards and then sends them to me. I want a script or app that posts the contents of essays or books at defined intervals. (Somebody did this with the Wandering Rocks episode of Joyce’s Ulysses two years ago, and it is awesome. I want something that dumps my tweets into Evernote or some other database. (Man, could I use an export to Evernote client on my blackberry.) And I want something that let’s me use Twitter as a universal passport/identifier to post comments anywhere I want, and that will send links and snippets TO me wherever I am.

Twitter as a universal short-form content interface and delivery service. That’s what I’m talking about.

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