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Okay, so. I feel like we are all sitting around joking about swine flu and arguing about Twitter and Kevin Kelly is sitting in his study in Pacifica unraveling the secrets of the universe.

May 5, 2009 / Uncategorized


Totally! We’re just obsessed with our little toys and parochial frustrations. Sometimes I wonder what KK’s house is like — maybe he’s tinkering with models of DNA while he’s brewing coffee, deciding whether he wants to go to New Zealand or Lancaster, PA to observe preelectronic societies, stroking his beard while he’s listening to a tape recorder play back to him every wacky idea he’s ever had in his life.

Wow! Tim, that is the most amazing morning I’ve ever heard described. That’s it, I’m moving to Pacifica!

I sometimes get the feeling that Kevin Kelly has already completed his book on the Technium, and has set up his machine to drop fresh snippets at random intervals while he savors the feat of having unmasked God. In fact, you know what would be an amazing novel? For someone to write an alternate history of the future right now that imagines Kevin Kelly’s duel with the sinister forces that want to keep the Technium secret. When his machine suddenly stops posting snippets one day, an avid reader starts asking questions, and unraveling a trail of conspiracy and intrigue that leads all the way to Hu Jintao.

When it’s all over, we’ll realize that Kevin Kelly has not written The Technium at all. Instead, the Technium, a complex interlocking intelligence emerging out of thousands of small processors and appliances, chose the man we call Kevin Kelly as its apostle. The machines do not transcribe Kelly’s thoughts; he manifests theirs.

“In Soviet Russia, book about very foundations of culture and technology writes YOU.”

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