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Luxurious Artisanal Bibliophile Dada

Sweet Gods of Heaven and Earth! It’s the best bookporn post ever!

Xu Bing.jpg

That’s Xu Bing’s Tian Shu (Book From Heaven). Rachel Leow writes:

To make [the four hundred books and fifty-foot scrolls], Xu painstakingly carved Chinese characters into square woodblocks, in just the way his ancient printing predecessors would have done, had them typeset and printed, and the printed pages mounted and bound into books and scrolls.

The result is a truly spectacular display of bookmanship


Wait a minute. We posted the same thing! Did you actually post this close to its timestamp, and I just missed it, or did you create it, then post it later, so it showed up lower in the stream?

Double recommendation — no surprise, I guess 🙂

tim says…

I def posted it first – I assumed you were being cleverly indirect.

I REALLY want to know more about the psychology of reading — like the physiology of it. Are our brains leveraging our ability to recognize faces or physical signs to read characters? Has that formed some sort of unholy/ perfectly natural alliance with our speech centers? What are our eyeballs doing? Our glands? What happens when we read or write something stressful or moving? What was my hippocampus doing when I wrote those love letters to Laura Anderson when I was eighteen? I really want to know!

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