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Prezi Passes the Test

Oh man, you should see my Gmail inbox. It’s fully 50% emails to myself with drafts of Snarkmarket posts. There’s an avalanche coming. But not yet.

I did, however, want to give a shout out to Prezi. I did my first public prezi-ntation on Wednesday at Web 2.0 Expo. It was projected on a couple of mega-screens (about like this) and wow, it looked great. Really slick and entirely arresting.

The app is open to the public starting next week, and I can’t recommend it more highly.

For example: Check out Nina‘s great prezi about museums and stealing. Seriously, can you even stand to imagine static slides after zooming through that thing? I thought not!

Credit where due: It has been pointed out to me that there’s a zoom-y thing in PowerPoint these days. I still prefer Prezi, though, if only because it’s so gleefully non-rectilinear. Rotating, twisting, flipping upside down: These things are hard to avoid once you get going with a prezi. I like that.

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Agreed – I used Prezi this week for a keynote ( and it was loved and worked well. Great for going back during Q&A to particular elements of the talk.

My one pet peeve: couldn’t find a way to automatically turn things by 90 degrees. Had to keep guessing.

Nina, oh my GOSH. That prezi is beautiful. I had such fun clicking through it just now. Hmm… I’m going to have to up my game…

Wow, that presentation is full of ME! And my knee! Hello, World Of Mashups. 🙂

I hadn’t seen Prezi before — how crazy cool. If I ever see another PowerPoint presentation, I’m going to puke. Thankfully my department at work isn’t too big on them.

dan says…

prezi preso link robin? 🙂

How wild to see you here, Nori! Yes, I needed a hip young woman to attach to sentiments like “Just as for many people their day is not complete without several visits to Facebook, I want this woman to feel like her week is not complete without a trip to a museum.”

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