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Best In Show (TV Edition)

It’s weird to talk about “the best show on TV” now that The Sopranos and The Wire are off the air, and the end of Battlestar Galactica brings that particular third-way contrarian option to a close.

There’s the old Yeats joke; when Swinburne died, WBY said, “Now I’m king of the cats” — and he was (probably) for the next thirty years. It’s strange now that the new king of cats might actually be on broadcast TV rather than cable — but Mad Men aside, that’s where we seem to be — and there are a LOT of genuinely ambitious network shows out there.

Rex makes the case for Dollhouse, which has indeed picked up. If you were (figuratively) buying stock in a show, it’d be a hot bet. But I’m going to stick with Lost in the drama category (no one does it like you), 30 Rock for character-based comedy (Liz Lemon is our decade’s female answer to Homer Simpson), and The Daily Show/The Colbert Report hour for sheer cultural relevance — simply put, nothing else is essential.

Sorry if those answers seem boring, but that’s just how it is sometimes.


Unless you’re fourteen years old; in that case Family Guy and American Idol might seem like good uses of your time.


You forgot to mention that tonight is the most-likely last ever episode of Flight of the Conchords.

Truly a sad day.

Look, I like Flight of the Conchords. I bought the first season DVD. “All the Ladies in the World” was my son’s favorite song when he was six months old. I probably sing at least one of their songs a week.

But come on. That show is just not… It is just not.

Nav says…

If we’re talking shows that are still sorta’ on TV, then I’d have to make a pitch for Mad Men. In a weird way, I find it more relevant than the Daily Show (I think that whole Stewart/Cramer thing was misguided catharsis – Cramer was just a straw man).

Stewart/Cramer is only misguided catharsis if you think the target was someone or something else than it was intended to be. If Cramer’s supposed to be a stand-in for the whole financial system, then yes, it’s misguided.

But I think Stewart was actually pretty clear that his anger was particularly about financial news networks. Again, this point cannot be made too often — The Daily Show is not about politics. It’s about media.

Totally with you re: Mad Men — but I still think it’s weird that for so long, HBO and premium cable just devastated broadcast TV when it came to quality of programming, but that’s just not the case anymore.

Don’t forget about Curb Your Enthusiasm. In my opinion, that’s one of the most overlooked shows on television. It brings to the screen what Seinfeld couldn’t–mainly vulgarity and taboo topics.

Breaking Bad.

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