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Get Up and Move

Super-interesting article on Russian repatriation in the NYT, mostly because it feels like the setup for a cool novel.

Anyone else get the sense we’re about to see a lot more moving around than usual? Global recession, global warming, bursting bubbles, rising powers — the real map of the world, the map of where people (especially young people) actually live, is about to get re-drawn.

March 21, 2009 / Uncategorized


Cool novel — maybe.

Cool, Breaking the Waves-esque indie movie, with lots of stark characters and windswept landscapes and multiple languages — definitely.

One of my favorite German words, V

Robin, you say “super” so much you could rebrand as “supermarket” 🙂 Love, Ben

Mock Robin’s breathless style if you will, but it’s as effective as it is infectious.

(Lying awake at night, I secretly worry about whether Matt is smarter than I am, and whether Robin is a better writer.)

I like to think of us as the id, ego, & super-ego of Snarkmarket.

I have no idea who’s who.

I’m still grooving on my past/present/future triad, myself.

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