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In Other News #notsxsw

Matt’s been stuck at SXSW, disconnected from the outside world, stuck in an echo chamber of hashtags and open bars. Finally, it came: a cry for help.

Okay, Matt, here are five things you might wanna know about:

  1. A space shuttle launched for the first time in a long time, and everybody said it was beautiful.
  2. Lotsa people are arguing about AIG bonuses.
  3. The chief justice of Pakistan’s highest court was reinstated after two years.
  4. A coup in Madagascar!
  5. Lots of chaos in Bangladesh lately, but the very latest is amazing: After a recording of the prime minister was posted to YouTube, the government decided to… block all of YouTube.
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Wait! I’ve got more!

  1. “Kings” was pretty good; not “Deadwood” good, but, I don’t know, mid-period “Heroes” good, maybe. Heather Havrilesky really liked it.
  2. France and NATO are having a recommitment ceremony, or a forever engagement, or getting remarried, or something.
  3. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is a windy, wispy thing.
  4. Brad DeLong slapped Ross Douthat around for some jackass stuff he wrote in his whiny Harvard memoir.
  5. Ta-Nehisi Coates, caps his generally favorable review of William Julius Wilson’s new book with the best sentence I’ve read in months: “Fried catfish and Outkast ain’t never disenfranchised nobody.”

Bless you both. This might need to be a regular feature. I would not have known at least half of these things even if I hadn’t been at SXSW.

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