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Note to Self

Do you, like me, send a lot of email to yourself? Links, notes, ideas, to-dos?

If no: Disregard.

If yes: So, in Gmail, you accomplish this by typing “me” into the to: field. And I just figured something out. If you open your Gmail contacts and change the “Name” field for your own address to something quick and unique, you accomplish two things: One, eliminate the risk of sending personal to-dos to friends whose names begin with the letters M-E — which I have done. (I send a lot of these. And I send them very quickly.) Two, make it quicker to type. For instance, my new alias for my own address is “QQ” — totally unique, and a lightning-fast double key-tap! Especially on the iPhone.

P.S. Please call me QQ from now on.

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Noah says…

I used to do this all the time, until Gmail added a “Tasks” feature that keeps a list in the corner (under Settings > Labs).

You know, that’s interesting — I actually use the tasks app as well, but for some reason, still feel compelled to put URLs in email. Maybe they should just go in my to-do list. Interesting…

Especially on the iPhone; you speak, it types and emails to you.


That would be a great auto-feature: all emails to “me” become Tasks.

I’d actually love it if Google would auto-add things to the Calendar as well, and let me delete them, rather than forcing me to add each one.

Generally, I am pro-“opt-out” rather than opt-in, pro-automation, pro-passivity. Give me a giant calendar of things going on, so that I can read for what I want, rather than a calendar of only things I’ve consciously selected. Give me completeness, even at the price of soundness.

Matthew says…

I totally do this, and I agree about the semi-functionality of the Tasks tool. I mean, it’s fully functional, it just doesn’t seem to work as well as an email to myself.

I keep a draft going, adding to it throughout the day, and nusually send it at the end of the day. If I forget at least all the notes are saved there.

Noah says…

Agreed that Tasks could use a little work, especially for URLs or longer blocks of text. I’m pretty old school to the point where I usually have a notepad window open that I use to jot down random info and links that don’t exactly fit into the “To Do” category. I use Tasks more for “when I get to it” sorts of things and for things I actually need to do today, I have a 3×5 notecard with a list that rests on the top edge of my keyboard.

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