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New Liberal Arts on Michigan Public Radio

Hey, awesome! Jennifer Guerra at Michigan Radio did a piece on the new liberal arts, keyed to our book project, and it aired this morning. It features me, Gavin, and Emily Zinneman, who teaches creative writing at University of Michigan:

“So much of creative writing — especially stories — is about character,” explains Zinnemann. “And that’s something that the students have a hard time understanding sometimes. But Facebook is a really familiar language that all the students speak. I feel like students are familiar in reading character and picking up on real subtle clues the way that grad students in English might read Shakespeare. They read Facebook in the same sort of way.”

I love it!

Anyway, a big thank you to Jennifer. And do check out her story.

And! Another NLA book update coming later this week.


I heard that article and was greatly intrigued. I teach at a small liberal arts college and have been thinking about Liberal Arts, relevance, efficacy, etc. for quite a while. I’ll be following this blog now and getting your book. Thanks!

Welcome, Ce! (What a delight to gather readers from the radio.)

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