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Sometimes a New Medium Sneaks Up On You


I’d seen references to Prezi here and there — it’s billed as a new presentation tool, a way to pan and zoom through ideas instead of clicking through slides. Which sounds pretty cool but, having now used this thing, I gotta say: The potential is much bigger than that.

I haven’t been this excited about a new format in a long time. The tutorial video actually gave me chills. (Pretty sure I have never typed that sentence before.)

So here’s my first prezi, which is just a little anecdote laid out in space — absolutely not a good use of the technology. But it will give you a taste of the potential.

Cross-reference this with our ongoing future-of-books discussion. Also with Scott McCloud’s infinite canvas.


—– Flash







Nav says…

That is very cool and, for some reason, it reminds me of this:

It just feels different somehow, though it’s hard for me to articulate why.

Mindy says…

Very cool. And love the story and how you hid the “no” at the end.

How were you able to save? Did you get access to the beta?

Yup! I just signed up & they gave me access about a day later. I don’t think they’re being too selective 🙂

Robin, it’s like this app emerged from your brain.

Pallas Athena!

Mindy says…

Did you sing up a while ago? I haven’t heard back from them yet!!

That’s a beautiful presentation for a short story, plus i can also see how it can be used as a powerpoint-type replacement.

I was instantly reminded of the infinite canvas comics web before having seen your link to it.

Larry L says…

Dont’ forget PPTPLex:

I’ve also got an app for the Surface Computer that does something similar with a PowerPoint deck.

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