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That's It, I'm Moving to Canada

Seriously?? When asked, 34% of Americans say they want to live in Orlando, making it the fifth most desirable city in the country? Are these people talking about the same Orlando I grew up in and now assiduously avoid? The country’s preeminent symbol of suburban suck? In what the New Yorker recently nicknamed “The Ponzi State”?

And my beloved Minneapolis, with its resplendent lakes and parks and great restaurants and arts and culture and evenforPetessake the Mall of America, is one of the five least popular?! That’s just messed up.

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Dude, it’s Disney World. Face it — five out of ten people in this country, the nicest, warmest vacation they’ve ever had was in Orlando. It’s a vacation high. This is why Liz Lemon wanted to move to Cleveland and Jack Donaghy owns a timeshare in Port Arthur, TX.

That is RIDICULOUS. And Tampa? Seriously? Just so their middle school aged children will have a higher chance of being propositioned by their teacher?

Admittedly though, Tim’s note makes a lot of sense. People who live in cold climates don’t realize that the hellish oppression of the 11 month Florida summer is not confined to that one brief little jaunt they took down there with the kids.

Big ups for giving Minneapolis its due! I have only spent a short time in Florida (and spent longer times in other states and countries) and the Twin Cities will always be my heart’s true home. Maybe it has something to do with the peaceful diversity, the thriving bike culture, the people who want to eat good food and eat it from farms close by. I dunno, maybe it’s the State Fair or the Mall of America or the Mayday Parade.

I’m not actually sure where you are located, so on the up side, if you leave near to MN, you might not have to move to Canada. We’re kind of like Canada Lite, but without the socialized medicine.

grover says…

I think I’ll join you, since apparently my home city is one step worse than Minny. (I guess I-35 is cursed?)

But honestly, people, Vegas, Houston and Baltimore are better than Kansas City? I’m gonna have to take a seat, ’cause that just makes my head spin.

Bryan says…

I know, Minneapolis was right in front of places like Detroit…DETROIT-REALLY?! It’s a good thing the housing market is shit right now in America’s Promised Land so that the 34% of people can fulfill their wildest fantasies!!


Hey, hey — ease up on Detroit. Seriously. To me, that’s like making fun of New Orleans-2005 right now.

I expect that most respondents to this survey based their answers on hazy public perception and have very little concrete knowledge regarding the cities in question.

Cincy, for example, isn’t a bad town at all. But when most people around the country hear the name, they probably think of “WKRP” and a town that vaguely smells of the seventies.

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