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'And for the Honor of Language and Ideas'


Soak up Maira Kalman’s carol to the Inauguration. Luminous and lovely.

Meta comment: Isn’t it great that it’s one long, continuous scroll? Sooo much better than a bunch of pages you have to click between. Hello, infinite canvas.


The continuous scroll comment reminded me of the great Rutu Modan comics that appeared in the NYT online a few years ago. Her blog’s description identified it as “a visual column.”

I think Modan’s columns are just slightly more radically vertical than Kalman’s; Kalman’s are individual variable-height panels (they’re actually separate JPEGs arranged vertically) while Modan’s are all a single long object.

Meta-meta-comment: What’s up with these awesome Israeli-American women illustrator-authors?

Holy…! I missed Modan’s columns the first time around. I know her from her graphic novel ‘Exit Wounds’ but this stuff is just as awesome.

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