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Now This Is Civilization

I’m typing this at the airport in Denver, at an open kiosk and charging station (!) and using free, ad-supported wi-fi supplied by the airport, while waiting for my connection. I’ve got my phone plugged in, too — there’s even a USB outlet to charge iPods or digital cameras.

This, friends, is genius. This is what we should have at every airport, train station, hotel, library, or other public gathering place where people come whilst in transit. Every place where you currently see a fifteen-year-old cluster of pay phones, you’re going to see one of these.

It’ll have internet-equpped voice and video calling too. There will be a touchscreen where you can get directions around town or order food. (Probably not at the library.)

What else will we find in the media carrels of the future?


the free (slow) WiFi and ample power stations have made many an annoying trip through DIA tolerable.

Why would you need video calling when everybody has a wristwatch videophone?

1) We’re moving away, not towards the wristwatch form factor. I only bought a watch again when my phone’s battery kept dying. So there’s been a generational shift from wristwatches to phones. [This is the wristwatch parenthesis.]

2) I think that from here on out, screens will get bigger, not smaller. (Phones and iPods have gotten smaller, but their screens have actually gotten much bigger.)

3) Bigger screens = multi-tasking! You can make a call, check out a map, and look up places for dinner all at once! It’s the economy of distraction! It will be awesome.

yes yes, a joke!

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