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Sometimes a Phrase Is All You Need

Adaptive reuse of crashed starships.

January 5, 2009 / Uncategorized


Does this remind anyone else of Robotech? Man, THE best thing about that show — better than the transforming jets, better than the space battles, better than all of it — was the weird residential quality of the SDF-1. The little Japanese town build into the cargo hold of this insane interstellar warship.

This comment will make no sense if you did not watch Robotech as a kid.

My favorite part of this story was that when I went back to read it a second time and look closer at the pictures, I realized someone was actually making the movie! So exciting.

Robin – I’ve been obsessed with human development through alien tech ever since you recommended Light by M. John Harrison, which is a recommendation I’ll happily pass on to Snarkmatrix.

SDF-1 was fantastic from a storytelling point of view as it provided a “home front” for the war when it was transported out to Pluto.

Did you ever read the novelizations? They feel a bit like comic books without the illustrations: cool images, great sequences, fun overall plotting but unfortunate dialog.

The second and third generations of the novels (the two other series besides from Macross that were mashed up to make one story arc for Robotech in the US) deal with progressive degrees of post apocalyptic Earth.

Also: Lawrence Kasdan (screenwriter for Empire Strikes Back) is working on the script for the film adaptation of Robotech due in 2010.

Wow — no, I did not read any of the novels, and now I sort of perversely want to.

Excited about the movie! I hope it’s good. Or even just good-ish.

If Robotech is anywhere near as good as Kasdan’s Silverado, I’m in.

(NB: Silverado is only good if you watch it on basic cable with your dad.)

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