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Lifehack of the Month: Bookmark to WordPress

I was sharing this technique with participants in a blogging seminar I’m teaching in this week*, and I thought y’all might find it interesting.

This is a trick for making link-blogging even slicker than posting to your blog from Even if you’re not interested in link-blogging, some of the steps might be useful from an info-management perspective.

1. Enter the 21st Century and install Firefox 3. Revel in the brilliance of the AwesomeBar, which makes storing and pulling up bookmarks stupidly easy.

2. Install the glorious Foxmarks. Enjoy seamless access to your bookmarks and passwords from any of your Firefox-enabled computers, complete with robust controls over which computers can access what. Feel free to import your bookmarks. You won’t be needing that service anymore (unless you require feeds for each of your tags). Mwa ha ha.

3. I’ve also installed Ex Bookmark Properties, which enables you to edit a bookmark’s description from Firefox 3’s default bookmark properties dialog.

4. Use Foxmarks to share as many bookmark folders as you desire.

5. Pipe the feeds from any shared folders into WordPress using the FeedWordpress plugin.

Done. Linkblogging is now as easy as bookmarking in Firefox. Links will post to your blog after Foxmarks syncs your bookmarks and FeedWordpress fetches the Foxmarks folder.

I used this technique to make a quick-n-dirty linkblog for the seminar.

* Yes, I realize I’m the least prolific blogger in the blogosphere, and the only reason I can even cling to that title is that I’ve got excellent blogmates. Never mind any of that. I intend to more than make up for my infrequency by employing this trick to great effect once the WordPress switchover is complete.

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Howard Weaver says…

Re: “I realize I

The more precise (and exciting!) analogy would be “you don’t have to be a serial killer to explain how to murder someone and get away with it.”

Unless Matt’s seminar is in how “to catch a blogger.”

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