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The Gift, The Commons, The Republic

Thanks to a timely permalinking intervention, I caught a NYTmag story from the 16th that I would have missed, about Lewis Hyde and crafting a new notion of copyright. Half-profile, half-summary, it wanders a lot over its five pages, but has great paragraphs like this one:

Thinker-politicians like Jefferson, Adams and Madison were just as familiar as we are with the metaphor that likens created work to physical property, especially to a landed estate. But they thought of that landed estate in a new way

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Okay, I’m really glad you wrote this, b/c I bought The Gift on a friend’s extreme recommendation — but couldn’t get past the first chapter. I will now give it another solid try. I know there’s something in there for me…

It’s a very weird book — it’s not really for everyone.

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