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Video Madness

Wow wow wow. Check out this demo of some crazy video algorithms. I can’t even quite find words for what this team is up to… but it’s pretty astounding. Watch all the way through, because there are a bunch of different techniques demoed, and they get better and better.

(Via kd.to_tumblr.)

August 14, 2008 / Uncategorized


kiki says…


that is incredible…

and scary…holy potential photo-fakery

I hope it is a timeconsuming and costly effort to render these effects…or Richard Linklater is going to be pissed…

whoa, that is amazing! lots of potential uses for that kind of tech, though as kiki said, it could be misused 🙂

It was only a matter of time. As / Reply

Ooh good links, Peter.

Tag on this recent Errol Morris post, too. Even if/when fakery is revealed, the damage is already done.

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