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The Power of Naaature

Slow-motion video of lightning: YA-ZOW!!

Funny how lightning — the real deal, the big stroke, the mighty discharge — doesn’t actually go from the sky to the ground; instead it’s our earthly assault on the heavens above!

August 7, 2008 / Uncategorized


Suck it, Zeus!

Hephaestus ain’t lookin’ so good NOW!

Good point about the direction of the discharge, but I wouldn’t write off Zeus yet; lightning’s evil but more upbeat twin, positive lightning, flows from cloud to ground, delivers an order of magnitude more current and lasts several orders of magnitude longer, and can touch down miles ahead of the storm, even seemingly coming from sunny skies without warning.

Fortunately positive lightning is also rarer.

Unfortunately, the human body conducts equally well in either direction…

I’m not saying Zeus doesn’t exist. I’m saying he can suck it!

I dunno… “positive lightning” sounds a lot like a coverup explanation for Martian death-rays. Hmm, do there always seem to be “weather balloons” in the area when “positive lightning” strikes? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT.

Just remember, if you make Zeus mad he’ll strike you with lightning, but if you make him really mad, he might pull some Amphitryon crap on you.

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