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Retinal Treat

Check out a bit of the Current graphics team’s 2008 work.

So super-slick.

May 20, 2008 / Uncategorized


Those are some very snazzy graphics. Watching them flash past fills me with a little bit of wonder: so much creative time went into each second.

Seeing it all at once had another effect too. It suggested a visual genre. The graphics felt familiar, in a way that I couldn’t place at first. You might think they were familiar b/c I’ve seen them on Current: but this can’t be so—I don’t have cable.

Rather, the more I watched, the more I felt myself transported back to my teen years. Specifically, I felt like I was watching MTV.

I can’t pin it down, but it seems like Current has rendered its way into a mid-90s MTV aesthetic.

Eek. That might not be a good thing!

I certainly didn’t intend that to be a slur. Rather, I’m fascinated by the idea that one might be able to pick out the birth of a new visual genre: the graphical transition (whether between music videos or pods), complete with its own new conventions and made possible by (while simultaneously being partially constrained by) a suite of common technologies.

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