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Iron Man Exploded

So I really enjoyed “Iron Man.”

Almost better than the entire rest of the movie all on its own, though? The “Iron Man” end title sequence!

Perfect motion, check. Dust and scratches, check. Terrific colors, check.

Am now going to resist temptation to watch ten more title sequences in a row.

May 12, 2008 / Uncategorized


Having resisted, did you mark a big X on your calendar?

Ha hahaha. Days without title sequences: 2.

A lot of people ragged on Iron Man’s special effects as being unspectacular relative to other superhero movies, but I was really wowed by the 3-D computer interfaces, which seemed both cool and useful. Tony Stark generates a 3-D model of Iron Man’s arm, then puts his arm inside of it to manipulate the model physically from the inside out. Brilliant!

Iron Man did kick major butt.

Howard Weaver says…

I learned to love Iron Man (and the whole Marvel stable) as a lonely pre-teen marooned for a summer in Cordova, Alaska in, oh, 1963 or so, This movie transported me to exactly the same wondrous fantasy space all over again. What a treat.

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