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Templated Creation Wizards

Couple newish websites make it easy to make formerly complicated things:

1) BitStrips offers a surprisingly robust tool for making comic strips. Fell in love with it a little at first, but the honeymoon’s kinda wearing off. Why can’t I save strips as drafts? Why don’t I have access to *all* the characters other users have made public? Why can’t I make characters based on those characters?

2) AniMoto makes wonderfully kinetic automatic slideshows from your images, synced to a song of your choosing. You can then export the slideshows to YouTube, or dispense with them as you please.

Oh yeh, and also: This has nothing to do with templated creation, but Lifehacker’s talking about the best IM clients. Pleasingly, I see they’ve chosen Digsby, which I’ve been meaning to blog about forever. Digsby is my *jam*. It connects not only to your IM service of choice, but to your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and a host of other social apps. And it’s got a slick, freakishly customizable interface. And it’s fresh out of a private beta, so developers are polishing it up more every day.

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I’m going to start a band called Templated Creation Wizards.

TCW is the best prog-garage band ever.

Prakashan says…

You might want to know about It’s a free, online comic strip creator tool that allows you to create your own comic strips, publish and share it with the rest of the world.

those 3 companies did very well at sxsw. Nice picks by Matt.

Btw, I am curious if snarkmarket has a twitter spawn?

I’m going to say TCW is either aggro-jazz or sugar-grunge, depending on your historical frame of reference.

Matt, don’t go splitting hairs between prog-garage and sugar-grunge. I think we all know what we mean.

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