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Flip for Words

Totally agree with (my new colleague!) Ben: I want this to exist. The fact that it doesn’t have wi-fi is a feature. (I’ve been doing a lot of good writing on planes lately — the last of the inaccessible spaces!)

April 1, 2008 / Uncategorized


suzanne says…

They do make something like that; it’s called “the legal pad.”

Sweet! On top of “Flip for Words,” we’ve got “digital legal pad.” Or “TypePad.” Wait. “DigiPad”? “TypeMate”? Maybe we need to bring back the concept of “word processor.”

I would be all about this. But I have a suspicion about the no wi-fi, which is that as our reading and writing migrates to the web-connected, very few of us will have the need to compose great bunches of words off-line. Omitting it does get you uber-battery life, though.

Hahaha — re: the legal pad, I’m wondering if I got caught by Ben’s April Fool’s joke?

Well, I don’t care if so, b/c I still want one!

This thing could hold a LOT more writing than the legal pad — and more importantly, I think I type faster than I write at this point.

In addition to storage and simple word processing, it could also have some simple software programs and templates. You could have outlines, letters, ledgers, spreadsheets, a calculator, even old-school text-based games (A Bard’s Tale, anyone?). And your files could be text-indexed, for easy searching. Anything that you can do with text and numbers on a monochrome LCD screen with limited processing power.

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