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SXSW Moment

I’ve been a horrible SXSW blogger. In my defense, I’ve been having too much fun learning things and meeting people. But Snarkmarket pal Jane McGonigal’s keynote was so remarkable, uplifting and super-great that it bears special mention. Especially in contrast to the meta-vapidity of the Zuckerberg interview on day one, the substance and spirit of Jane’s presentation were striking.

Also… she did the Soulja Boy.

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You’re quite right, that is inspirational stuff. I think I’m so accustomed to intelligent people critiquing things that to hear someone use their prodigious smarts to say “look, there’s hope in this new thing” – well, it’s pretty effin’ amazing.

I like the way this talk leads into thinking of identity existing somewhere between the player and the avatar – that in playing one performs the impossible identity that cannot exist ‘here’ or ‘there’ but only exists in the creation of it. Anyway, I guess I’m rambling, but thank you for posting this.

That was by far my favorite session of the whole conference.

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