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A Mystery Begins

So yeah, clearly this is the beginning of one of those alternate reality game sorta things. Made an important discovery just after I recorded the video above: There was something in the ball of yarn. There’s a photo over on the page I’m using to keep track of all the media. Obviously this site is going to be important soon.

I have to say, getting a mystery box in the mail full of cryptic clues and artifacts is just about as much fun as you’d expect it to be!

Will keep you posted.

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That poster from the 1920 Olympics is lovely. I would frame it.

We of the ARGing community are working on it! you can check out more here:

I was all excited until I realized it’s probably part of a mass & parallel experience that’s apparently already becomesomeone’s professional expertise, an industry in the making. I was invited on and set up tiny things like this for friends in high school and college and often dreamt of setting up bigger ones if I ever found friends who’d go for it; the delight for me was somewhat akin to the delight one has in getting a handknit scarf and seeing all the ways the knots and yarn reflect the the giver, the giftee, and the relationship between them. I was deeply charmed that one of your friends set this up for you, but now that I suspect its follow-up on GDC I’ll probably be skeptically aloof.

Interesting that that’s your reaction! Since the first ones (the games for “A.I.” and “Halo 2”) alternate reality games have been marketing affairs. Some people say it’s a good thing b/c, as marketing goes, it’s actually engaging, interesting, thoughtful, etc. — and it demands brainpower and participation — it’s not just a message slammed into your face.

But of course I agree that it would be even better if it was friends making it 🙂

Several prescription and non prescription ingestations later, I am less cranky, if also slightly high on inhalers and cough suppressants. I was just very disappointed when I realized this was not just for you. I can’t quite articulate why, but there was something deeply thrilling by the notion that it could be an amateur effort. The crankiness in my original comment is very much a function of how thrilled my initial reaction was. I saw this post on snarkmarket very briefly on Sunday night and was mulling over it all day Monday (despite being sick), and couldn’t wait to hit my computer and try looking for clues.

I realize marketing has to exist, and interactive, thoughtful marketing is certainly preferably to the “we WILL brain wash you” sort. I get a little freaked out by marketing in general because constant tampering with society’s demand curves seems to be one of the major roots of many evils, especially environmental ones, and there is rarely an incentive to use the powers of marketing for anything in the common good. I also get a little saddened by any medium that is made overly professional, inaccessible, and expensive—your very place of employment being emblematic of how exciting it is when media are unlocked and made accessible.

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