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Track of the day: Santogold remixed by XXXChange. Just feels very Thursday-appropriate, you know?

Update: Hey, I have a question. What’s the deal with these music blogs posting MP3s? Do they have special (unofficial) arrangements with labels? Or is it just sort of understood that it’s okay to share MP3s as long as you practice restraint? I wouldn’t mind dropping some tracks on Snarkmarket from time to time but it still makes my spidey senses tingle. Are my spidey senses stuck in 2004?


go check out untitled records. – www[dot]untitledrecords[dot]com

its a music blog that regularly hosts tracks. contact rachel… she may be able to tell if she has had any legal issues or any info she has uncovered.

good luck

Yeah, more and more often, these are planned leaks. The new Gnarls Barkley is probably the best recent example.

It’s hard to know which are planned and which aren’t. I have a strong suspicion that this Santogold remix was dropped by Downtown.

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