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Compute! Report!

Yo! I’m at the Computational Journalism conference at Georgia Tech. So far it is awesome.

I’m going to attempt to liveblog with a new tool I just learned about here — it’s past the jump.

Follow-up: My favorite new discovery from yesterday was probably Mark Hansen from UCLA and his Sensorbase project. Also, I gotta admit, Cover It Live is kinda cool.

Today: Andrew Haeg from MPR’s Public Insight Journalism program is blowing my mind. The work they do isn’t massive in scale, but it’s exactly right: They’re building a database of citizen expertise over time, and they can query it in lots of interesting ways. It’s a complete reinvention of sourcing. It’s not only electronic, either: They often bridge the gap and bring members of their database together in the physical world.

Something else: Just heard a great analogy: Wally Dean from the Committee of Concerned Journalists recounts the introduction of Doppler radar in local news stations. It was a grafting of (then very new) technology into newsrooms that was hugely successful. What’s the next Doppler radar? What’s the next bit of technology we can use inventively in the context of news? (Especially, perhaps, local news?)


Your fancy shmancy Live Blog breaks my RSS feed.

Okay, I put it in the extended entry — maybe that will help.

Thanks! I mostly just thought that it was funny that RSS, yesterday’s (or perhaps the day before’s) new technology for reading blogs was now being stymied by the new stuff. It’s like you went straight from CD to DVD and what am I going to do with all these minidiscs?

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