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Indiana Jones and the Whatever Whatever

Maybe it’s just the nostalgic preamble that roped me in, but, okay, the new Indiana Jones movie looks great.


dan says…

2 words: John Williams

Just hearing the theme in the trailer gives me chills.

dun-da-dun-duuuuun, dun-da-dun!

Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Superman, …

My favorite not-quite-five-year-old announced yesterday that he didn’t like Star Wars any more, because now he liked Indiana Jones instead. He’s shed his white T-shirt + black vest for a button-up, a jacket, and a too-big fedora.

Also, am I imagining things, or is Indy fighting inside the big government storehouse from the end of Raiders? That could be the best call-back since the exchange from the beginning of Last Crusade:

Elsa: What’s that?

Indiana: That’s the ark of the covenant.

Elsa: Are you sure?

Indiana: Pretty sure.

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