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The Forbidden Fantasy of Utter Upeaval

This WaPo story by Hank Stuever is terrific, and weird, and a good example of that ripped-from-its-context thing the web does so well: I started reading it and had no idea what was going on. You’ll see what I mean.

Even when do you figure out what you’re reading, it never quite becomes normal. The story is totally fractured, almost impressionist — but to good effect. Steuver is a terrific writer, and his subject matter is sublime: American culture as it’s experienced in places other than New York and San Francisco. His book Off Ramp is terrific, and its subtitle says it all: “Adventures and Heartache in the American Elsewhere.”

One comment

This sort of gets to the old SF discussion, doesn’t it? Imagining a new Great Depression is forbidden—in the normal world. Among us s’ficcionistas it’s old hat. I disagreed with the old quote that pain forgotten is not pain any more. Pain not properly reimagined is not pain anymore. A good war novel makes you thrill to the power and the glory, envious of the experience, driven by the fact that “war gives us meaning.” A really good war novel, however, makes you shudder with horror and cuddle a loved one—the charge handed to Vonnegut by his horrified hostess at the start of Slaughter House Five. If you really dive deep into pondering the Great Depression, I think you come up gasping for air, glad it might never happen again—and the lack of such diving on the part of much of the American elite is severely problematic for our economic policy.

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