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Echo from Last July

Kottke just linked to an old Snarkmarket post, so of course I clicked back to read it… and you know what was way better than the post? The wide-ranging, discursive conversation that followed! What a delight to re-read. Nice work, Snarkmatrix. I wish there was a better way to save/highlight old conversations…

February 8, 2008 / Uncategorized


Yeah, that was a good thread. I’m trying to bust out a dissertation chapter on some of those same topics now — I wish I could be as articulate in my academic prose as I seem to be from time to time in these comments.

I think it just goes to show you have “public intellectual” written all over you 😉

Is Current looking to hire a public intellectual? Pay me, Robin! I need to feed my babies!

Saheli says…

What the hell? HOW DID I MISS THAT POST?

(Oh wait, that was during the period last summer when I was trying–and partially succeeding—in living offline. Sad. . .always a loss somewhere.)

I agree, this site really is great for discussion. I’m sorta envious, and it ALMOST makes me wish I wrote posts longer than 10 words.

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