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Behind the Candidates

Having seen the name of Obama’s chief economics adviser Austan Goolsbee appear on a few blogs recently, I’ve become curious about who else is on the teams of the two lead candidates. Here’s what I’ve found:

The Chicago Tribune wrote a nifty round-up of Obama’s team of advisers. In fact, it seems they wrote two.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief Telegraph piece on Team Hillary. Here’s a wonderful Washington Post write-up of the Clinton squad, “Hillaryland.” An additional WaPo rundown. The articles themselves give you such an interesting picture of the candidates’ leadership styles and expertise. And from these articles, here are some links on some of the big names (I’m likely to refine this list as I get time to look into it):

Team Hillary:

Team Obama:

Conveniently, Foreign Policy in Focus just wrote up a handy little evaluation of the candidates’ teams:

Senator Clinton

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